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Heat As A Simple Cure For A Boil

A simple home remedy for boil is to apply a warm compress. The heat will cause the boil to form a head, drain and it will heal much faster. Place a warm, wet washcloth over it for 20 to 30 minutes, three or four times a day, making sure to keep it warm throughout the process (reheat if necessary).

Vitamin E

Another home remedy for boil that you can use is the simple application of vitamin E directly on the boil. Apply vitamin E directly on the boil and bandage it up, three times a day.

Herbal Remedies For A Boil Using Goldenseal and Echinacea

Known for their strong antibacterial properties, this combination when used both internally and externally makes for an excellent home remedy for boil.

Take two 500 milligrams capsules of each herb three times daily for seven days and apply an herbal paste to the boil twice a day, for two or three days.

You will need both of the herbs in powder form, which you should be able to find in your health food store, to make the paste. Mix one tablespoon of each herb with enough egg white to form a thick paste. Then spread it directly on the boil.

Readers Write In With Their
Own Home Remedy For Boil


Vanessa from Orlando Florida writes in with this home remedy for boil: "Put a piece of raw bacon on the boil when it comes to a head. The bacon will make it drain."

Tea Bag

Karen from Dorchester NB, Canada writes: "Here's a great home remedy for boil. Place a really warm tea bag on your boil or on a sty and it will come to a head quickly.

Natural Boil Treatment Using Egg Shell

Evelyn from West Palm Beach, Florida writes: "Take the skin from the inside of an egg shell and apply the wet side to the boil. Leave it overnight and this will cause the boil to burst and drain. It worked for me."

Milk And Bread

Isabel from Premont, Texas writes: "Take a piece of bread the size of a half dollar and pour milk over it. Squeeze some milk out and set over the boil, overnight. This home remedy will cause the boil to come to a head."

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