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Home Remedies For Mosquito Bites


This seems to be the quickest of all home remedies for mosquito bites. Simply moisten the bite area and then rub table salt on the moistened area. Itching should cease immediately.

Apple Cider Vinegar

To relieve the itching, rub apple cider vinegar directly on the mosquito bites.


Toothpaste is another one of the fastest home remedies for mosquito bites. Just dab a bit of toothpaste onto the mosquito bites and the itching should stop very quickly. Peppermint toothpaste is by far the best.

Calamine Lotion

Apply calamine lotion to relieve the itching caused by mosquito bites.


Ammonia is another one of the home remedies for mosquito bites that is a very effective "itch eliminator". Apply ammonia on the bites.

Witch Hazel

Make a paste out of witch hazel and baking soda. Apply it and leave it on for about 15 minutes.


Aloe seems to top the list of all home remedies for mosquito bites when it comes to both eliminating the itch and healing the wound. You can grow your own aloe and use the gel from the leaves, or you can use a commercial aloe gel product.


The biggest problem derived from scratching one's itch is the threat of infections.

So, for itching that just won't stop, and if you just have to scratch, cut a lemon in half and scratch your itch with the soft pulpy side of it. This will reduce the chances of getting an infection from scratching with your fingernails.


Sheila from Lynchburg, Virginia writes: "Rub deodorant on the bites and the relief will be almost instant. This also works for other types of itchy bites.

Baking Soda

Sarah from San Francisco, California writes: "After trying many other home remedies for mosquito bites, I tried my own."

"I was bitten numerous times on my feet. I mixed baking soda and water together until I had a paste like substance. Then I covered the bite areas. Itching stopped within a few minutes!"

Garlic Salt, And Seasoning Salt

Stacey from Benton, Missouri writes: "I have a huge problem with mosquito bites! The quickest, simplest of all home remedies for mosquito bites that I have found that works on me is a mixture of 1 part water, 1 part seasoning salt, and 1 part garlic salt. It burns for about 5 seconds a then it is cured!


Teresa from Detroit, Texas writes: " Bleach seems to help when I get a mosquito bite. Just moisten the tip of your finger with a little bleach, and rub it in to your mosquito bite.

Atis Juice

Carl from the Phillipines writes: " Atis can prevent the swelling of mosquito bites. The juice that comes from its unripe fruit and seed can releave the itch and is in my opinion one of the best home remedies for mosquito bites."


Katie from Pasadena, Maryland writes: " Saliva is the key to getting rid of any mosquito bite. Just lick you're finger and apply to the bite.

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