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Cool Water

Here's one of the most simple burn remedies. For most common burns, the first and perhaps most important step is to apply cool water. Not ice cubes, which can further damage skin already injured, but plain cold water.

Cold water draws the heat out of the burn and helps prevent or minimize damage to the innermost layers of the skin.

Aloe Vera As A Natural Burn Treatment

Undeniably the best out of all burn remedies is aloe vera. The best way to apply this remedy is from the plant itself. A leaf of the aloe plant is simply cut off, and then split or sliced to expose the gel that is inside the leaf.

The gel is then gently rubbed over the burned area.

Another application is to expose the gel on one side of the leaf and then lay the leaf directly on the burn, (gel side down of course), and hold in place. I have used medical gauze tape to secure a leaf to my arm for hours after I burned it.

The natural, fresh plant method seems to work better than over-the-counter products and this low maintenance plant can be grown as a potted ornamental inside your home.

Vitamin E

Another one of the better burn remedies which is very effective is vitamin E. The most common way to apply this is to break open capsules of vitamin E and apply them directly to the burned area. Vitamin E oils and creams can also be used.


After washing down the burned area with cold water, smother it with honey and then cover or wrap the area with a towel.

St. John's Wort As A Herbal Remedy For Burns

St. John's wort oil is both soothing and anti-inflammatory and is one of the tried and tested burn remedies. Smooth the oil on the burned area twice a day.

Natural Burn Treatment With Mint

Because mint has cooling qualities, it is another one of the more soothing burn remedies. Just chopping up a few leaves and putting them in direct contact with the burned area will help to ease the pain. You can hold the leaves in place by taping a piece of gauze over the area.


Apply calendula gel directly to the burned area as often as necessary to relieve the pain. The gel helps in supporting your skin's natural moisture layer which has been severely damaged and dried out from the burn.

Herbal Burn Treatment Using Witch Hazel

Last but not least on the list of burn remedies, witch hazel water works great for burns. Dab on just enough to cover the burn, and reapply it as needed to relieve the pain.

Readers Write In With
Their Own Burn Remedies


Crystal from Nashville, Ohio writes: "Apply mustard to a burn and it will relieve the pain."

Egg White

Margaret from San Antonio, Texas writes: "To relieve pain due to minor burns (1st-2nd degree burns), apply egg white to affected area."

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